Orthos Liquid Systems, a leading innovator in the water, wastewater, advanced, and stormwater treatment industry, is proud feature selected construction projects from 2023, demonstrating the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation. With a passion for pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional results, Orthos is pleased to offer a sneak peek into its work in 2023.

Among the highlighted ongoing projects are:

  • CA Valley Water, Santa Teresa
  • FL CCUA Potable Reuse Demonstration
  • NC Union County – Yadkin River
  • PA American Water Hays Mine WTP

These endeavors showcase Orthos’ dedication to quality assurance, and achieving successful outcomes that deliver unparalleled resiliency, reliability, and permanency.

“We are excited to share the progress of our ongoing projects and provide a sneak peek into what lies ahead,” said Stuart Humphries, Director of Filtration Technologies at Orthos. “Our team remains committed to delivering excellence in all our endeavors, and we are eager to continue pushing boundaries and driving innovation in water treatment.”

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements from Orthos as the company continues to lead the way in granular media applications for conventional and biological filtration as well as contactor and ion exchange processes.

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