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Leading the Way for Nozzle-Based Filtration Products and Systems

We realize that the key to our continued longevity is to have sound, strong, and enduring partnerships with both our current and future customers. You can always count on us for quality, design innovation, and technical support.

We Are a Team of Industry Experts
We Are a Team of Industry Experts

Providing quality equipment, along with excellent customer service has been the mantra at Orthos for over 40 years now.

Specializing in Water
Specializing in Water and Wastewater Media Filtration Since 1978

Since our inception as a small family-based distribution company of European products, to our current status as an industry leader in the water and wastewater filtration business, dedication to our customers has remained paramount.

Proven Quality
Proven Quality

With thousands of North American installations and millions of nozzles sold to date, Orthos delivers unparalleled quality and system longevity.

Schlick Atomizing Technologies
Schlick Atomizing Technologies

Orthos is also the North American master licensee for Schlick atomizing and spray nozzles for pharmaceutical and other precision application industries.

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25 Years Seal


In 25 years and with over 200 filter installations, ORTHOS has NEVER had an underdrain failure.

Plant of the Year


Nozzles installed on 6” centers provide uniform air/water distribution during backwash and repeatable, effective cleaning with no dead spaces.  Low water and energy usage are imparted by long filter runs and reduced operational costs.


The Centurion delivers HUGE life cycle cost benefits: At the end of a filter system’s replacement cycle, (e.g., 25 years), the ORTHOS nozzles are simply replaced, potentially saving millions of dollars

Orthos Nozzle Install


Upon construction, our monolithic, reinforced-concrete underdrain becomes part of the filter civil works, likely lasting a century.

Providing Quality Equipment Along With Excellent Customer Service

For over 40 years, Orthos Liquid Systems, Inc., has strived to provide its customers with excellent customer service while supplying quality equipment. While enjoying continued growth through the decades, today we proudly serve clients throughout North, South, and Central America. Such success has earned us a reputation for honesty, reliability, product knowledge, and excellent customer service.

NSF Approved
NQA ISO 9001 Registered

Please contact us so that we may help you with the selection of a nozzle that will work for a specific application.