ORTHOS Proteus™ O3+BAC Demo System

for Direct Potable Reuse

Orthos Liquid Systems, Inc., (ORTHOS) Proteus™ Ozone+Biologically Active Contactor (O3+BAC) System is primarily used at direct potable reuse (DPR) demonstration facilities. The 10-200 gpm Proteus™ O3+BAC System delivers to utilities a larger-scale, longer-term solution than pilot columns to demonstrate the carbon-based removal of total organic carbon (TOC) and other chemicals in order to achieve high-quality purified water. The Proteus™ forms the core element of carbon-based DPR treatment that meets or exceeds applicable drinking water quality standards while mitigating the brine disposal challenges of processes using reverse osmosis.

To create the Proteus™, ORTHOS has formed strategic agreements with leading manufacturers of ozone generators to provide straight-forward, efficient operation and minimal maintenance in a compact footprint—an optimal solution. Ozone is dosed based upon influent concentration of TOC (plus nitrite, optionally), monitored by Proteus™ instrumentation.

After the influent TOC is oxidized, O3-treated water is pumped to the ORTHOS BAC utilizing media-retaining ORTHOS Type D nozzles in an underdrain plate. Up to 96” of media (e.g., GAC, anthracite, sand) may be installed in the BAF to create up to 20+ minutes of empty bed contact time. Proteus™ pumps and compressor provide user-adjustable, concurrent air-water backwash, triggered manually or automatically based on headloss across the filter media, runtime, or turbidity.  

The Proteus™ operator panel (standardly with Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC and HMI) provides real‑time monitoring and control of all instrumentation, automated valves, and equipment for ease-of-use.      

“With increased water scarcity, utilities are demonstrating that highly purified reuse water may augment available potable supplies. Proteus™ will prove that carbon-based strategies are extremely effective for full-scale DPR,” stated Stuart F. Humphries, Director of Filtration Technology for ORTHOS. “Proteus™ is another example of our repeated investment in the advancement of industry technology.”
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Proteus™ is immediately available for procurement, submittal evaluation, production, and commissioning. Extensive factory support is offered by ORTHOS to ensure optimal operation. Contact us with all Proteus™ inquiries.


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