Filter Underdrain Systems

ORTHOS manufactures the broadest line of nozzles, strainers, and accessories for any type of nozzle-based filter underdrain.  With multiple design options to include mounting style, material, water flow rate capacity, and air scour tube construction, ORTHOS will supply a filter nozzle product to meet all requirements.

Centurion™ Monolithic Filter Underdrain

ORTHOS Centurion monolithic, reinforced concrete underdrains deliver to utilities their demands of resiliency, reliability, and permanency with a life cycle cost that cannot be beaten.  Our robust, yet flexible, design provides an optimal solution for conventional water treatment, wastewater tertiary filtration, biologically active filtration, GAC adsorption and ion exchange, as well as denitrification.

Labeled Diagram of Monolithic Floor

False Plate Underdrain

Primarily used in pressure vessels, false plate underdrains are the most straight-forward type of nozzle-based underdrain.  Nozzles are affixed onto the underdrain plate using various methods (e.g., expanding ring, backup nut), depending on the design requirements and physical limitations.

Header-Lateral Underdrain

Used in pressure vessels and in legacy concrete-tank media filters, the header-lateral underdrain is a manifold system consisting of one or more larger-diameter header pipes, each with numerous smaller-diameter lateral pipes extending typically both horizontally and perpendicularly on both sides of the header pipe.  ORTHOS manufacturers pipe saddles to mount nozzles directly onto the lateral pipes and concrete sleeves for manifold-embedded designs.  Nozzles with tailpipes are offered for header-lateral systems utilizing air scour.

Tank Internals

ORTHOS manufacturers tank internals for smaller, commercial-sized applications, such as swimming pool filters and water softeners.  Our hub and laterals, tank heads, distributors, and drains are used for both collection and distribution systems.