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For over 30 years, Orthos Liquid Systems, Inc., has been a leader in the water and wastewater filtration industry. We strive to provide its customers with excellent customer service while supplying quality equipment. While enjoying continued growth through the decades, today we proudly serve clients throughout North, South, and Central America. Such success has earned us a reputation for honesty, reliability, product knowledge, and excellent customer service. We realize that the key to our continued longevity is to have sound, strong, and enduring partnerships with both our current and future customers. You can always count on us for quality, design innovation, and technical support.nozzle-based filter systems and nozzle products in water/wastewater treatment.

Case Studies

ORTHOS helped save Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) nearly $8MM through proof of doubling the biological filter flowrate at the Edward W. Bailey Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in El Paso County, CO. ...

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