Water Treatment Solution for Tennessee Water Treatment Plant

In today’s quick video, Stuart Humpries, Director of Filtration Technologies, discusses the long and storied past of the Omohundro Water Treatment Plant, built in 1929, still in operation today, and listed in the National Historic Register.

If you’re visiting Nashville, it’s worth the trip to see the plant. Contact us to experience some of the beautiful architecture and amazing service the plant has provided for 90 years.

Nashville Water Works
  • George Reyer Pump Station built in 1888 with original equipment still in operation.
  • Omohundro WTP built in 1929—an architectural marvel
  • Filters with monolithic underdrains built similar to current design methods
  • Original brass nozzles replaced with Orthos nozzles in 1999
  • Filters produce 0.03 NTU water with UFRVs over 10,000 gal/sf
  • Listed in the US National Register of Historic Places

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Remember Orthos’ HUGE life cycle cost benefits – At the end of the filter’s life cycle (~25 years), in contrast to a complete plastic block or folded sheet metal underdrain overhaul, nozzles are simply replaced potentially saving $Millions.

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