October 26, 2023 – Orthos Liquid Systems, Inc. (ORTHOS) celebrated earlier this month at the WEFTEC23 exhibition the 25th anniversary of never having a Centurion™ monolithic filter underdrain failure. The champagne toast by Stuart F. Humphries, Director of Filtration Technologies, thanked water/wastewater treatment clients, engineers, contractors, and manufacturers’ representatives for the over 250 installations that continue to repeatedly deliver the resiliency, reliability, and longevity that utilities demand. Humphries stated that in Orthos’ “25 years of never having a monolithic underdrain failure, our competition has a completely different experience. And with us getting out into the marketplace and with folks like yourself helping us get the word out, things are happening. I’m excited—super excited.” Continuing, Humphries told the audience that Orthos is “very thankful for you to getting the word out and convincing people: Don’t go with folded sheet metal, don’t go with plastic block, go with the reinforced concrete monolithic Centurion underdrain from Orthos. So here’s to Orthos—25 years and 25 more years!” Providing filtration solutions since 1978, Orthos Liquid Systems, Inc., is the leading manufacturer of nozzle-based filter systems and nozzle products in water/wastewater treatment. With hundreds of Centurion™ monolithic filter underdrains and millions of nozzles sold throughout North America in the municipal and industrial markets, Orthos delivers unparalleled quality and system longevity.  For more information, visit www.orthosfilters.com or call 843-987-7200.

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