ORTHOS Research Center: Leading the Way

November 28, 2017 – Orthos Liquid Systems, Inc., (Orthos) announced today its official opening of the Orthos Research Center (ORC) at its South Carolina headquarters. The ORC is a research, testing, and development facility that in part includes a ±15-foot tall filter test column for the performance of a variety of validation studies and experiments.

As the filtration industry leader of nozzle-based monolithic underdrain systems, Orthos will continue to lead through new product innovation, performance data collection, and design model calibration,” stated James V. Bryan, ORTHOS’ Vice President. “The ORC is another example of our repeated investment in the pursuit of excellence.”

Every project has unique requirements that introduce multiple variables,” said Stuart F. Humphries, Director of Municipal Sales and Marketing. “Lately, we’ve repeatedly observed competition ignoring basic engineering concepts and utilizing decades-old products and inefficient designs. Orthos stands tall behind our filtration offerings with top-tier personnel applying solid, multiple-disciplinary science to deliver modern technology.

The ORC will support Orthos’ Poseidon Filtration Systems® for conventional water treatment, wastewater tertiary filtration, membrane pretreatment, biologically active filtration, and denitrification.


In an industry that demands reliability and resiliency, why are block underdrains being installed over-and-over again?

Wouldn’t a monolithic underdrain that features reinforced concrete, is locked into the sidewalls and filter floor, and lasts for many, many decades, be better?

Labeled Diagram of Monolithic Floor


Remember Orthos’ HUGE life cycle cost benefits – At the end of the filter’s life cycle, in contrast to a complete plastic block or folded sheet metal underdrain overhaul, nozzles are simply replaced as the monolithic floor remains part of the civil structure.

“No need to replace the chandelier when all you must do is change out the light bulbs!”

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