Orthos vs Leopold: Which "Horse" won in Shelbyville, KY?

Details given in the video describe a classic two-horse race in Shelbyville, Kentucky. ORTHOS monolithic filter underdrain was fielded directly again Xylem-Leopold plastic block for an upgrade to the City’s water treatment plant. 

This winner-takes-all stake is not often seen in our industry and proves which underdrain technology is less expensive on race day. All responsive bidders had plastic block at a higher installed cost than ORTHOS monolithic.

This is added to the fact that at the replacement cycle,  our nozzles are economically replaced as the monolithic underdrain remains part of the civil structure. In contrast, plastic block or folded sheet metal underdrains must be ripped out and reinstalled, costing millions of dollars.

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Remember Orthos’ HUGE life cycle cost benefits– At the end of the filter’s life cycle (~25 years), in contrast to a complete plastic block or folded sheet metal underdrain overhaul, nozzles are simply replaced
potentially saving $Millions.

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