Proteus™ O3+BAC

Biologically Active Filter System

ORTHOS Proteus O3+BAC Demo System for Direct Potable Reuse

Orthos Liquid Systems, Inc.(ORTHOS) Proteus™ Ozone+Biologically Active Filter (O3+BAF) Demonstration System is primarily used at direct potable reuse (DPR) demonstration facilities. The 10-200 gpm Proteus™ O3+BAF System delivers to utilities a larger-scale, longer-term solution than pilot columns to demonstrate the carbon-based removal of total organic carbon (TOC) and other chemicals in order to achieve high-quality purified water. The Proteus™ forms the core element of carbon-based DPR treatment that meets or exceeds applicable drinking water quality standards while mitigating the brine disposal challenges of processes using reverse osmosis.

O3+BAF Demonstration System

The Proteus™ operator panel (with Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC and HMI) provides real‑time monitoring and control of all instrumentation, automated valves, and equipment for ease-of-use.      

“With increased water scarcity, utilities are demonstrating that highly purified reuse water may augment available potable supplies. Proteus™ will prove that carbon-based strategies are extremely effective for full-scale DPR,” stated Stuart F. Humphries, Director of Filtration Technology for ORTHOS. “Proteus™ is another example of our repeated investment in the advancement of industry technology.”

Proteus is immediately available for procurement, submittal evaluation, production, and commissioning. Extensive factory support is offered by ORTHOS to ensure optimal operation. 
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