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Resin Traps

Cost-Effective Filter Insurance

A resin trap is always there to protect you against losses – gradual resin loss that may escape your notice as well as a catastrophe that sends a large amount of resin down the line unexpectedly.

Resin Trap

Customized Solution

Orthos resin traps are designed manufactured to meet your specific needs. Our flexibility in design has created many options for reliable and cost-effective construction. Whether you choose plastics, stainless steel, or exotic alloy options, the savings you realize in terms of resin retention and prevented system downtime will make the cost of the traps insignificant

Inline Resin Trap


Material Choices

Ion exchange columns
Sand/Carbon systems
Line sizes up to 12″
Flows up to 1600 GPM
High strength polypropylene / PVC
Stainless steel
Mild steel with rubber or PTFE lining
Hastelloy & Alloys

ORTHOS Resin Traps Prevent:

  • Loss of expensive resin

  • Cross-contamination of resin

  • Damage to equipment further down the line

  • Costly downtime and process disturbance

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