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Water Treatment Systems

Orthos Liquid Systems’ water treatment systems have defined reliability for the past 25 years — we have never had an underdrain system failure..

Poseidon Filtration System®

Orthos nozzle-based monolithic underdrain systems have defined reliability for the past 20 years — we have never had an underdrain system failure. Poseidon extends this repetitious success by using our in-house engineering design expertise to provide complete filter systems for municipal water treatment.

With increasing water quality concerns regarding disinfection byproducts, nitrogen, phosphorus, taste, and odor, Poseidon delivers a systems approach that includes all requisite controls and components.

Municipal Water Treatment Solution

Phalanx Packaged Granular Media Filter

Phalanx™ Packaged Granular Media Filter Systems are custom-designed in circular or rectangular tankage with unit capacity from 20 gpm to over 1500 gpm.  A brand member of Poseidon Filtration Systems™, Phalanx is used for conventional water treatment, wastewater tertiary filtration, biologically active filtration, GAC adsorption and ion exchange, as well as denitrification (DDBF™).

Proteus O3+BAF Demo System

Proteus™ Ozone+Biologically Active Filter (O3+BAF) Demonstration System is primarily used at direct potable reuse (DPR) demonstration facilities. The 20-200 gpm Proteus™ O3+BAF System delivers to utilities a larger-scale, longer-term solution than pilot columns to demonstrate the carbon-based removal of total organic carbon (TOC) and other chemicals in order to achieve high-quality purified water. 

Proteus Water Treatment System

Denitrifying Deep Bed Filter (DDBF)

The Denitrifying Deep Bed Filter (DDBF™) is a wastewater treatment process that provides fixed‑film biological denitrification in a downflow filter configuration.  With proper chemical treatment, the DDBF™ is capable of meeting stringent effluent limits of total nitrogen as low as 3 mg/l, total suspended solids to 2 mg/L, and total phosphorus to 0.3 mg/L or less.

Denitrification Water Treatment System


Orthos’ systems are used for conventional water treatment, wastewater tertiary filtration, biologically active filtration, membrane pretreatment, GAC adsorption and ion exchange, denitrification, and other high purity water treatment applications.

Wastewater Treatment System

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